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Simple file transfer. Hosting in Germany. Made in Germany.
Start free of charge without registration directly with the filetransfer.

Extend up to 2 weeks availability of your data, for only 2,50€ per month.
Cancelable at any time.

I accept the privacy, terms and I allowed to use the emails.

Hosted in Germany


Premium hosting and development from data centers in Germany. With compliance to all data protection requirements.

By 25Space

As a cloud provider we have access to extensive resources and systems of a worldwide infrastructure. Get to know our other services.

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Simple and clear models, suitable for all requirements. Start directly for free or create an account with a few clicks.

Secure file transfer, share and exchange.

25Share is a free (standard version) online service to share and send data, images, videos, word documents and much more securely and according to data protection (GDPR). Upload a wide range of data easily, create your own folders and structures, simple to use and also password protected if required. Benefit from other comprehensive features such as share and access management also significantly longer availability (Pro).
Share and collaborate, with 25Share.

25Share demo site working, open on a Mac Manage and work with your 25Shares online

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Chat & collaborate with your partners & customers.

With the additional chat available since summer 2023, a Space from 25Share is the perfect place to collaborate with a customer or partner on a project. Upload all necessary files, discuss topics centrally in one place.

25Share demo site working, open on a Mac Manage and work with your 25Shares online

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frequently asked questions.

What did I need for a free sharing?

Almost a file, the receiver email and if needed a password to protect the data.

What happens after the available time?

After the available time of a share has expired, the data will be deleted. For shares without an account, the other details and data are also deleted. These cannot be restored either.

Where is the home of the data?

We store the data in our infrastructure, the shared data is provided exclusively by servers from Germany.

What advantages do I have with an account?

You get an overview of the shared content and the status. You also have access to other cloud services from

Which file types are allowed?

We generally recommend packing your files as ZIP. The following files are allowed:
'pdf', 'zip', 'rar', 'docx', 'doc', 'xlsx', 'xls', 'pptx', 'ppt', 'odt', 'rtf', 'txt', 'xml', 'xps', 'csv', 'ods', 'odp', 'odg', 'ps1', 'pps', 'wmv', 'bmp', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'raw', 'gif', 'MPEG4', 'psd', 'ps', 'tif', 'tiff', 'xcf', 'mp4', 'dng', 'mov', 'x3f', 'cr2', 'mts', 'arw', '3FR', 'crw', 'dcr', 'erf', 'K25', 'kdc', 'mef', 'mos', 'nef', 'nrw', 'orf', 'pef', 'raf', 'RW2', 'SR2', 'srf', 'PRPROJ', 'eps', 'ai'

Why do we offer a free edition?

Quite simply: it's a step into the world of

Pricing & Plans.


0 /month

German datacenter

Unlimited shares

Password protection

48 hours availability

2GB storage space

Free & Login

0 /month

All "Free" features

Manage your shares

Revoke shares

48 hours availability

2GB storage space


2,50 /month

All "Free & Login" features

2 weeks availability

2GB storage space

31 days term

Cancellable monthly